Star Wars

Star Wars: Empire at War Sandmanss Galactic Conquest v1.0

Этот мод изменяет множество юнитов, а также включает новые карты и исправляет несколькоошибок.  
This is the final beta release of this mod, meaning this will be all I'm adding
at least until Forces of Corruption comes out. I will most likely be coming back
to it then. As it is I've added 8 new units (1 not playable, there for the
pirates), 4 additional heroes (1 for the pirates), a new single and multiplayer
GC, changed the Raiding system and added back in 1 building for both sides.
The GC is called "In The Beginning", both the Imps and Rebels start was 3
planets, the lowest tech you can give them and 3,000cr.
1. Unzip the files to Star Wars Empire at WarGameData directory, it should unpack itself into the right places. Overwrite all files.
2. Run the game by click on the PlaySandMod.bat file in the GameData directory (you can always make a shortcut on you desktop if that's too much effort)
3. Go to singleplayer, GC and it should be in the list.
4. Should be similar for multiplayer

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